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Adults aged 18 and older residing in Maryland, who have functional disabilities and need assistance with personal care, chores, and/or activities of daily living, in order to remain in their own homes.Vulnerable adults with no willing or capable caregiver available when needed, those at risk of institutional placement, and those at risk of abuse or neglect will be given preference for service, using a ranking scale.Services are provided in a certified home or center.Adult day health services are an extension of adult day care services that offer health services to adults under supervision of nursing staff.Services may also include ongoing casework with the individual, the individual's family, and caregivers when the agency director or assistant director has been appointed as guardian.Responsibilities of the guardian may include making decisions about where the individual will live, authorizing medical treatment, managing the individual's finances, and filing status reports and accountings with the court.Placement Services Adult Placement Services help aging or disabled adults find appropriate living and healthcare arrangements when their health, safety, and well-being can no longer be maintained at home.Placement arrangements are made in adult care homes, nursing homes, other substitute homes, residential health care settings, or institutions.

The Conference theme was "21st Century Aging: Emerging Issues and Barriers to Care". The person making the referral may be contacted if more information is necessary.In-Home Aid Services which assist adults, children, and their families, with essential home management tasks, personal care tasks, and/or supervision, to enable them to remain in and function effectively in their own homes as long as possible.In-Home Aid Services may be used for the purpose of providing respite for a primary caregiver or for parents.Representative Payee Services The Orange County Department of Social Services serves as protective payee and provides services to individuals in jeopardy of being deprived of basic needs.When appointed as representative payee, the agency manages income to meet clients needs when the client has been determined unable to manage financial benefits.

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